Surround Toothbrush (Triple Headed) Adult

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The SURROUND® TOOTHBRUSH is perfect for those with a low tolerance for daily tooth brushing, needing help with oral care, have difficulty using or holding a toothbrush or as an ‘easy-to- use’ children’s toothbrush.

The triple-headed pad with angled bristles ‘surround’ teeth to simultaneously brush all surfaces optimising plaque removal, allowing for more complete and efficient cleaning in less time as all tooth surfaces are brushed with each and every stroke, unlike a standard toothbrush; especially important to carer’s and staff when cooperation by patient during brushing is limited.

Simple back & forth brushing makes oral care quicker, easier & more efficient for carers and those with dexterity issues making it the perfect tool for ‘Special Needs”, orthodontic patients, the elderly and especially children.

For young children and those with learning disabilities, triple–headed design helps guide the brushing action of those learning to clean their teeth. As they attempt independent brushing, more surface is cleaned with each stroke of the brush as the multiple headed bristles are simultaneously in contact with all surfaces of the teeth (lingual/tongue, facial and occlusive/ biting) assuring they brush and clean all surfaces, back and front. Easiest toothbrush for young children to use, making brushing less stressful for parent and child alike.

Available in Adult and Child/Toddler sizes: Children’s Surround® Toothbrush is recommended up to age 5.

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Key features include:

- Compact triple headed, smooth heart shaped pad positions bristles so they ‘surround’ all tooth surfaces simultaneously

- Soft, end-rounded bristles provide comfortable, safe brushing with “side bristles” positioned at ADA recommended 45 degree angle to simultaneously clean front, back and biting surfaces whilst sweeping along gum line

- ‘Head and neck’ of the brush designed to bend rather than break, making brushing safer for those who tend to move during care or bite down on the toothbrush.

- Padded head, flexible structure together with a soft tactile, Latex-Free rubbery surface makes griping easier and helps protect the oral environment from trauma in the event of sudden, unsafe movements.

- Soft, end rounded bristles and heart shaped compact head makes brushing safe and comfortable providing better access to back teeth

- Outer brush heads / wings can be bent and repositioned (preferably by the dentist) for improved access, including adjusting the width or spread.

- “Chubby” handle of the Children version and new ‘beefier’ handle on the Adult one facilitates grip and ease of use; long handle of the Adult version keeps carers fingers away from the mouth and easier to use for those with mobility issues.

- Excellent solution for orthodontic patients as the angled bristles can clean under the appliance; the child / toddler size is also great for people of all ages who wear braces as the shorter bristles can get in and around tight places found with some appliances.

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