Cadever & Ultrasound Guided Pain Intervention Workshop

We are glad to support the dynamic anaesthesia and Pain care team with our latest fujifilm sonosite systems on 11th May 2024 at CGH.

This was unique and intimate hands-on learning experience. Lectures, practical sessions and stimulating discussions led by DR ASHUTOSH JOSHI, DR ONG SAY YANG, DR DIANA CHAN, DR VICTOR CHAN, DR CHRISTOPHER LIU, DR OON ZHIHAO,DR ALEX YEO,DR NICHOLAS CHUA, DR CHOO CHEE YONG, DR BENJAMIN SOH, DR VICTOR TAN, DR ZHENG ZX

This is an intensive hands-on workshop on volunteers and cadavers offered to physicians to improve their skills in regional anaesthesia. After expert lectures the workshop is focused on hands-on practice using fresh frozen and fixed/standard cadavers. Participants will acquire a sound knowledge of ultrasound imaging and needling techniques.

Course Description 

The Cadaver & Ultrasound Guided Pain Intervention Workshop 2023 is organised by the Pain Association of Singapore. The course is designed for medical practitioners with an interest in interventional pain management. Leading experts will teach the latest interventional techniques at the workshop under x-ray and ultrasound guidance with hands-on cadaver training and live model scanning. There are 5 stations at the workshop, ranging from ultrasound guided procedures to more advanced procedures such as spinal cord stimulation lead implant. 

- Ultrasound Guided Pain Interventions for Shoulder (Suprascapular Nerve, Biceps Tendon, Acromio-Clavicular Joint, & Subacromial Bursa and Intra-articular Injections) 

- Ultrasound Guided Pain Interventions for Knee (Genicular Nerves, IPACK Block, Suprapatellar Recess, Patellar Tendon, Distal iliotibial band, Intra-articular injections)

- Ultrasound Guided Pain Interventions for Hip (PENG block, Intra-articular Injection, Greater Trochanteric Bursa, Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Nerve, Piriformis muscle)

- X-ray Guided Spinal Cord Stimulation Lead Placement

- X-ray Guided Balloon Kyphoplasty 

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