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SonoSite iLook25
  Ultrasound designed for vascular access.
The iLook 25 personal imaging tool delivers:
  • All-digital broadband imaging in 2D and color power Doppler for clear visualization of veins and arteries.
  • Easy-to-learn, highly simplified user interface -- PDA-like.
  • Application-specific transducer: L25/ 10-5 MHz linear broadband transducer.
  • AC-powered operation and battery back-up (30-60 minute battery life).
  • Internal storage of up to 74 images with simple transfer to PC through docking station.
  • Extremely lightweight -- 3 pounds -- allows you to take ultrasound from room to room, office to clinic to hospital.
  • Rapid boot-up -- ready to scan in about 5 seconds -- eliminates waiting.
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